Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catering A Gypsy Theme Event

I was planning an event for a client who has had so many parties, it seemed like every theme we thought of had been done before! Someone suggested the idea of a Gypsy Party, at first I was stumped. What seemed like it would be a challenging theme to work with, ended up a lot of fun.

The party was for the hosts birthday and 275 guests were invited to his private residence, (turned Gypsy Camp), in Yorba Linda, CA. The property is lush with mature trees and rambling gardens, the perfect forest look for a Gypsy camp. Props, menu and entertainment added to the flavor.

I rented a few old world style backdrops such as a cottage, forest, and thatched roof house. These were set dressed with luggage, tools, barrels and trunks. A few tents, wagons, wishing well, some farm animal props and bench seating helped with the camp look.

Most of the cooking was done on site in full view of the guests. The dishes were served on wagon covered buffets to protect the food as well as add to the rustic look. The party lasted into the night and everyone had a ball!


Market Fair Fruit, Cheese and Vegetables
Piroshki Russian Tiny Turnovers
Mystic Meatballs
Beggars Purse
Rosemary Steak Skewers


Chicken Paprikash
Hungarian Beef Goulash
Rag Noodles
Rose Potatoes with Olives in Basil Oil
Chopped Peasant Salad 
Goat cheese, cucumber, tomato, shaved red onion and wine vinaigrette,
Rustic breads 

Mixed Stone Fruit Cobbler with fresh whipped cream
Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce


Lemonade Iced Tea and Campfire Coffee
Tavern Bar


Crystal ball reader, Tarot Card Reader, Gypsy Dancers, Strolling Music Playing Duo and a Theme Gypsy Band.

Prop tent makes a fun setting for a crystal ball reader
Props and buffet station settle nicely into the lush yard
Fortune Tellers tent
Benches and props set to watch the entertainment
Gypsy dancers liven up the evening
A colorful party


Lisa Teiger said...

what a fun theme and great props. Wonderful that your client allows you the creative license to produce parties that the guests and hosts alike can enjoy.

caterers brooklyn said...

I love those hanging frying pans. They add a great culinary tradition symbol for catering.

Lawrie Brinkerhoff said...

Having a theme party is hard because you have to work both on the venue and the food. What’s even harder is that the guests will want a specific menu that matches the theme of the party. You’ve done a great job in every aspect of this party. By the way, the Market Fair Fruit, Cheese, and Vegetables are delightful!

Unknown said...

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Billy said...

This is such an interesting event! I love seeing the wide variety of people in this world, and to think they all need catering! Very cool!

Dean Jones said...

That's really interesting post. Event theme is looking traditional and awesome.
Thanks for sharing....