Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding in the Woods

The best weddings are casual but classy... fresh and comfortable, outdoors but still intimate. There is never a need to fuss with decorations when nature can provide uncomplicated beauty. This Southern California wedding reception is a perfect example of all the above. Crisp white chairs, warm chocolate table linen, clean simple lines are framed by boughs and bramble. In one word~ beautiful.

Natural posts hold a simple covering for a simple buffet. In this picture only the basic table scape is in place.

Colors for the table mimic nature as well. Wood, ferns, stone and shade compliment rather then compete for attention.

The reception was a luncheon the menu items were arranged on platters and served cool.

cold poached salmon with cucumber coulis
lemon tarragon chicken with green grapes and lemon vinaigrette
beef tenderloin with portobella sweet onion mushroom salad and aoili 
orzo and wild rice salad
sliced tomato with blue cheese and bacon
creamy spinach pasta salad
bread display
wedding cupcakes

Photo RFontes Fresh Ideas
 Table assignments set for guests

Photo RFontes Fresh Ideas
Cupcakes for a sweet send off.

Photo RFontes Fresh Ideas


Anonymous said...

Where was this?

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Renee Weir- Fontes said...

So sorry Anonymous! I missed your comment, It was Santiago Oaks in Orange CA.

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Unknown said...

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This was the ultimate arrangements.
Who had done these? and which place is it? Amazing Decoration of wedding reception.

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