Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wonder Mom

I tried to find an appropriate Hallmark, but they don't have a card that is quite right for my mom. See, my mother is "Wonder Mom", she has super skills. My mom doubles coupons, dishes advice, and whizzes around in her 1980's Camry proudly displaying a tissue box in the back window.

When I was little she made my clothes and soothed my tears when only ugly shoes would fit me. She drove me to every Indian Maiden, Brownie, 4-H, Soccer, and school event without complaint. Mom made Kool aid, (the kind with sugar) and pancakes with peanut butter. On rainy days it was bean soup and grilled cheese. She organized great birthday parties and cared for every ill or orphan animal on our family farm.

My mom let it slide when I wrecked her car during drivers ed and when I started my catering business,  she sewed aprons to wear. Mom seems to have forgiven me for eloping, (maybe) and she sat beside me at the hospital when my son spent his first Christmas in the emergency room.

Growing up she always made me feel trusted, special and loved. My mom forgives me even when I forget to call, when I forget to say "thank you" and is ready at a moments notice to handle any Grandma duty. Not much of a card I know but, "Happy Mothers Day, I love you, Wonder Mom!"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Me again

It occurred to me while eating banana bread and watching a Christmas movie, that I was eating banana bread and watching a Christmas movie. That was April, it's now May, it's been over a month since I posted and at least four since I missed this Christmas movie.
"Where have you been?" I ask myself. Myself is shocked, "I do the usual Working Super Mom stuff, continuing to balance family with multiple jobs, expertly changing the litter box, and successfully driving a stick shift car."

"But your not working on the cookbook," I said.
"Not to change the subject, I got the worst haircut ever"
"I know,"  I said, "and it's a sleepy nougat color too."