Thursday, October 15, 2015

10 Halloween Party Food Ideas!

How exciting... it's time for Halloween! It's so much fun making spooky decorations, dressing in clever costumes and really...are you ever too old to trick or treat? NEVER! (tricksters are ageless). For a creative food enthusiasts like me, the opportunity to theme food for parties is limitless!
Here are a few ideas that you can try to make your table "spooktacular."

 #ONE: Jalapeno Cheese Spread Skull
Mold a soft spread in a plastic mask or other party theme shape. Lined with plastic wrap, your spread will turn out easy after it's chilled. I used the Jalapeno Cheese Spread from my book... click here for the step by step "Jalapeno Cheese Skull," blog post... then garnish with olives to make it scary!

#TWO: Watermelon Brain
Carve rind from a small seedless melon and chisel grooves to mimic a brain shape. Perfect for the center of a fruit tray.

#THREE: Bat Wings
Straighten whole chicken wings and thread a bamboo skewer to hold shape and roast or grill. I used the Chili Lime Chicken wing recipe in "Cook like a Caterer" but you can choose any recipe or sauce.

#FOUR: Medusa Head
Cheese filled tortellini that is marinated and skewered for a tasty cool appetizer. Skewers are pushed into the cabbage head to serve.
(Yep, recipe in "Cook like a Caterer, under tortellini skewers.)

#FIVE: Meat-Eyeballs
Roll a tablespoon of seasoned ground turkey in to a sphere. Press in a stuffed green olive and bake until cooked through. Serve your "eyes" on top of a zesty tomato sauce for a tricky treat that's "easy on the eyes."

#SIX: Skeleton Salad
The Cauliflower Olive Salad in Cook like a Caterer, makes a delicious dish that will inspire guests to think your serving something scary! Leave some pieces of cauliflower larger and place on the side to look like bones.

#SEVEN: Finger Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese with an almond "nail" makes everyone laugh. Attach the almond with cheese spread and display it in a mini cup of V8 juice for tray passing. Pumpkin colored and shaped bell peppers make great dip holders for smaller platters.

#EIGHT: Spooky Ice Bowl
Place a smaller bowl inside a larger one and fill with water in between. Weigh down the smaller bowl with some ice cubes to keep it from floating. Add some small skeleton, bats or spider toys also in between for a creepy look. Freeze until solid then remove the 2 bowls and you have a "cool" serving vessel! Note: Place a platter under to catch drips.

#NINE: Ghost Squash
Turn a ghostly shaped vegetable into a cute centerpiece in just a couple of minutes.

#TEN: Handy Ice Pack
Freeze water in a clean food service glove (remove glove before serving) for a spooky frozen hand ice sculpture. Float a few in a punch bowl for a fright!

Chef Renee Weir -Fontes at the Yorba Linda Public Library Cooking Class October 2015

Hope you are inspired to create your own tricks and treats... Have a happy Halloween!


Edna Shirley said...
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klaas said...

Dat ziet er prachtig uit zeg. Erg creatief, mijn complimenten!

faryal naaz said...

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Wenni Donna said...

Really exciting food ideas you shared here for Halloween party dear. I never thought that we can make Jalapeno Cheese Spread Skull in such a perfect way. I am going to organize Halloween party at event venues Chicago and I am going to use all of these ideas in my party to make it more perfect.

James Franco said...
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Ahan Jayas said...
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Renee Weir- Fontes said...

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