Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LIVE EAT GROW, Design OC Fair '11

The opportunity to work with the community and a handful of talented and dedicated creative people was once again my pleasure for the 2011 OC Fair. The OC Fair held in Costa Mesa is Orange County, California's most popular summer event and has continued to impress for over 121 years.

My part in this yearly tradition is managing entries for the Culinary Arts Department, designing the exhibit and planning entertaining and educational programing for fair guests.

Creating the space where expert home bakers, eager children and talented table designers, show their efforts is my favorite yearly activity. It's hard to believe it takes eight months of preparation to put on a month long event, but the result is truly rewarding.

Why bring this up now? 


LIVE EAT GROW, OC Fair 2011 
Winner of-
Western Fairs Association Best Props and Decor Method! 

So... I'm pulling out the pictures to share.

Judges Chef Phil Knoke, Chef Anahita Naderi, Chef Harry Kho
Three words that defined the culinary 
exhibit space were;
 gardening, home cooking, 
 good food and enjoyment in sharing with the community. 

The giant letters at the front of the building and on the stage were hand made by Cy Vojak at CR Studios.

The title wall was like a big canvas for whimsical vegetables, garden hose, water cans and kitchen gear. Covered by moss, it helped shade the open ended building from the afternoon sun.

 The temporary tin structure was secured to empty canopy frames to define areas and cut some of the height from the buildings huge expanse. Collected props, artifacts and recycled urban artifacts decorated the building. Many were planted with herbs, plants, vegetable, fruit and citrus trees. Vintage aprons were suspended overhead as well as bird cages, globes, and decorative strings of carnival lights.
Herb planted piano is one of the larger props that guests love. The giant knife fork and spoon were in everyone's photos.

The Plant Stand just north of the Fairgrounds at 2972 Century Place  Costa Mesa, CA 92626
The Plant Stand created a beautiful corner where they offered culinary herbs and gardening advice to fair goers. Their high quality affordable plants and gifts are available year round

So many great things under one roof, one post isn't enough! Looking forward to a new look for 2012 "Home Sweet Home" Fair dates are July 13-August 12...Costa Mesa, CA. come by and say hi!


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