Sunday, April 17, 2011

Melissa's Produce- Coconut and Tour

If you couldn't play hooky last month and join the OC Bites "Taste Of The Seasons" Melissa's  produce tour and lunch, you missed a delightful day. Melissa's 280,000 square foot mammoth facility in Los Angeles is for me, a foodie theme park. Seriously... for fresh fruit and vegetable lovers, "Melissa's World" (that's what it would be called if it was a theme park) is the happiest place on earth.

At Melissa's we were treated to a great lunch prepared by talented Chef Tom Fraker and Chef Ida Rodriguez. The food was prepared in the beautiful, well equipped test kitchen from recipes in the Melissa's Great Book Of Produce and Everyday Cooking, by Cathy Thomas.

Next came an informative fruit and vegetable talk by brilliant produce guru Robert Schueller. During the questions and answer portion Robert awarded me a fresh coconut. We all got lovely hair nets to wear for the Melissa VIP tour through the immaculate warehouse.

The care that Melissa's takes to bring unique, fresh and organic produce to consumers is impressive, but what impressed me most was the company. Melissa's Produce is well run, organized, clean, speedy, with an unparalleled attention to quality. Best of all, Melissa's people are good people they make you feel like family.

Now about that coconut ...

Without reading directions, or any previous experience, this seemed to be the best way to get into the coconut. I screwed in the corkscrew wine opener to create a hole and poured off the liquid which yielded 2 cups by the way of thin opaque  coconut water.

Next I tapped a 10" chef knife into the top and turned it to crack the shell.

I made that sound easier then it was. The coconut opening stunt was preformed on a sturdy butcher block, accompanied by serious curse words.

Don't ever let your kids do this...
Be cautious about  doing it yourself!
Honestly, I can't believe I didn't cut off my arm.

When you get inside you find gold. Just kidding.

It's not gold but thin coconut meat that resembles custard but isn't.

The soft interior is silky, delicate and mild.
There isn't much only about 1/4 cup.

But what do you do with 1/4 cup of fresh coconut?

You get out the blender.
You ice glasses.
You send your husband to the store for rum.
Melissa's star fruit is nice too.


Anonymous said...

Delicious review of Young Coconuts!

Velva said...

That is exactly what you do with fresh coconut! I love it. Cheers to you.