Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tacos, Cupcakes and Sunshine Wedding Reception

January is not a typical month one plans an outdoor event. If you live in most places in America unless you wear a parka, I'd imagine an outdoor wedding reception is kinda out of the question. Even in California you can never really guess the weather. This year torrential rains  at the end of December  were followed by high winds in the first weeks of January. One might say, Southern California was washed, blown dry and set the most beautiful day on record.

For newlyweds Erin and Brandon not only the weather was unusual, nearly 100% of invitees responded for the January 15, 2011 event (only seventy percent of invited guests usually attend). The beautiful mid day reception was held at the brides sisters home for  family and friends the week following the couples marriage in the Dominican Republic. 

Erin and Brandon's Wedding Reception Menu
160 guests

ceviche style shrimp cocktail
jalapeno cheese spread with crackers
asadero quesadillas with fresh mango salsa

carne asada and spicy chicken tacos
south american grilled vegetable salad with queso fresco and pepitas  
cilantro dressing
spanish rice
pinto beans with sofrito
tortilla chips
salsa ranchera, salsa verde, pico de gallo, fresh cilantro, onion and lime

Appetizers include chef prepared quesadillas, shrimp cocktail and cheese, served inside on the converted pool table

Wedding receptions held at lunch time, should be lighter with simple dishes and nicely presented. Here the bride and groom chose a menu they loved and knew would be popular with their guests. The hosts pool table was covered with plywood and linens to create a large indoor double sided serving area. There the shrimp was served in a cool but spicy tomato sauce with lots of fresh lime juice and avocado. The zesty jalapeno cheese spread  was molded into a ring shape and served with crackers. Guests enjoyed the chef prepared quesadillas, they had a sweet and spicy mango salsa to go with the mild cheese.
The bride chose flourless chocolate cupcakes and the groom had his own special Spiderman ice cream cake to share

the simple lunch menu featured fresh made tacos

Beef and chicken tacos make for a casual, tasty lunch. We served the tacos traditional style, with double tortillas and flavorful salsas. I cooked vegetables quickly over a hot grill so they would stay crisp and vibrant in the colorful salad. Sofrito is a concentrated seasoning borrowed from Caribbean cuisine in the pinto beans to brighten the flavor.

Salad preparation starts with vegetables on the grill
South American Grilled Vegetable Salad with Queso Fresco, Pepitas and Cilantro dressing

We used rented square tables to add an interesting shape in the angled yard. The aqua swirl cloths  were such a great color, shinny and bright. Using wooden chairs keeps the feeling relaxed and comfortable while crisp white plates and napkins make the setting fresh. The florist assembled the perfect mix of blooms and citrus, displayed in creative containers with the couples pictures circling the base.


Ciao Florentina said...

You are getting so good at taking photos ! My God, those roasted peppers look amazing !

Quyen - Kitchen Runway said...

What a beautiful reception and delicious menu! Great job Renee!

Chef Debbi said...

Wow Renee, I want some of that! Looks beautiful!

Zayne said...

That was the most taco's I'v every made in my life. (a whole 14 years) good times :) Good shots btw

Shelly Borrell said...

Beautiful photos Renee!!! Yes, I was hoping you were going to be at the Blackmarket Cake Event -- I wanted to meet you too. I'm sure our paths will cross at the OC Fair, if not before.

Shelly, Nibbles of Tidbits

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