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2011 Trends in Entertaining

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Like the wedding tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, 2011 has a bit of all of that and more. Events this year are comfortable, informal and active. Color schemes favor several shades of blue with orange and green accents. Catering is creative, fresh and simple with retro and global dishes on the menu. Overall foods continue to be healthier, from sustainable sources, homemade and often homegrown.

In this post we will look at entertaining. New or new to you, you can plan a party in style by embracing some of the following ideas;

1. Relaxing lounges welcome guests- Comfort is in, so set your event with comfy seating. At home, instead of stowing couches in the garage for stiff rental chair seating, make them the centerpiece of the room. In good weather, bring furniture out to the patio or lawn. If your event is off site, creating a lounge area in a venue adds a warm hospitality. Couches, easy chairs and coffee tables are now available to rent from the better party companies.
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 2. Varied size tables and eclectic chairs for informal seating- Table sizes and chairs are mixed, reinforcing the relaxed spontaneous look. Long classic banquet tables are back, set beside smaller square and round tables. Various table heights create a borrowed feel from as tall as bar height with an arrangement of stools to coffee table style. Chairs are in simple, eclectic and vintage when possible.

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3. Table Settings are simple, fresh and or lovingly reused- Linen are artfully mixed with runners and place mats. Basic white rim china for elegant look, more casual events will creatively use mixed vintage plates or rustic pieces and recycled vessels such as jelly jars for beverage glasses.  Old fashioned elegance returns to wedding place settings.

4. "Do it yourself" decorations- Create centerpieces from natural items like shells, herbs or live succulents or showcase items from personal collections for smaller events. Contained centerpieces like single blooms or candles in covered glass containers or lanterns are reusable and easy to do yourself.

For floral arrangements, low centerpieces concentrated colors and stunning suspended creations.
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Over head decorative canopies are still popular, even indoors to add structure and intimacy to an area. These can be swagged with fabric, strung with carnival lights, lanterns, branches and homemade garlands.
Vibrant Table, Portland Oregon
Vibrant Table, Portland Oregon

5. Cool color - Colors that lead in 2011 are blues; navy, turquoise, slate, periwinkle and cornflower. Orange; coral, apricot, and burnt red orange. Cool pinks, camel, buttercup, smokey violet and bright olive are also invited to the party. Metal tones show age like brushed golds, antique silver, pewter, and tarnished brass and copper. Natural white, dark taupe and softer not so black- black.

6. Earlier party time- Events will see the light of day as more hosts will plan daytime functions. Brunches, lunches tend to keep costs in check by offering lighter fare limited or no alcohol and saving on event lighting. Outdoor events are more popular then ever many hosts choosing their own backyards find it economical and more personal.
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7. Action Entertainment- Bands and Dj's that interact with the audience, inviting guests onto stage or performers who step into the crowd to entertain. Band and Dj combos offer more seamless entertainment. Vj's offer video clips and special effects combined with music.

Oh and there's more, I'll be back,  with more post on catering and menus this year until then, @chefrenee is sifting through the pile on desk to replace the 2010 calendar.


~ Chef Louise said...

nobody can create a space like you renee... and even better you are the wiz at taking it down in a heartbeat and packing it into a tiny little box- now that's skill... i love those floating flowers, maybe when i get married again- lol

Velva said...

Your post shared some great advice. I think comfort is the key! Love your style. I can tell I am going to learn a lot from you. Thank you for sharing.


Unknown said...

I definitly think that being able to relax is one of the most important factors. I like the "do it yourself" decorations, because it gives you ideas of how to decorate your own home

Kim said...

I always mix my chairs... but that's just because I don't have enough that match. Who knew it was trendy?! lol.

Lots of great idea here. Thanks for the roundup!!


Renee Weir- Fontes said...

Trends in Entertaining 2011
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Really interesting trend from 2011 to now must be applied for our menu!