Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Catering Boat Parade Party

Big surprise, it's record breaking cold back east. If you are from any of the frozen states, you may not want to know that Saturday and Sunday were balmy and beautiful here. Not that it's unusual weather for Orange County, California, but in the middle of December, guests wanted to trade their Christmas sweaters for shorts! Though snow drifts and winter scenes are holiday inspiring, good things can also be said for eighty degree evenings under swaying palms at Boat  Parade Christmas Parties.

Catering a party Saturday and Sunday, was the best way for the host to accommodate their many guests in their home, that's a little tight. I set a cooking station with a butane stove on a stretch of counter space in the kitchen to prepare Black Jack Chicken Quesadillas, (tortillas filled with black beans, pepper jack cheese seasoned chicken) and fresh salsa.

Next to it, a paninni grill worked perfect to make Patty Melt Sliders with sharp cheddar, grilled onions on nicely toasted reversed french rolls. 

The other appetizers were served on the dining table decorated in festive gold and red.
- menu -
black jack chicken quesadillas
patty melt sliders
crab, green chili dip with red tortillla strips
endive leaf with candied pecans, pear and chevre
spicy sausages wrapped with bacon
ginger sesame pork loin platter with chinese noodles
tri-tip steak skewers with chimichuri sauce
twice baked mini potatoes
artichoke cheese cake

Working cooking station for patty melt sliders and black jack quesadillas

patty melt sliders with grilled onions
appetizer buffet in low light
ginger sesame pork loin platter sitting on a bed of Chinese noodles
crab green chili dip with red tortilla strips

My attempt at a boat parade picture in the dark
The hostess made macadamia torte dessert and the host took guests on his colorfully lit boat to parade around the lake.


~ Chef Louise said...

man that menu sounds amazing... wish i was rich, i would hire you as my personal chef... more soup please renee, as i ring the bell.

Renee said...

I'd hire you too! Then you can teach me how to take better pictures 'cause these ones stink!

Chef Debbi said...

Don't be so harsh, the pictures are great, makes me wanna eat them, yuuuum....

Shaile's Edible Art said...

Is this the Newport boat parade? I was there Friday... it started too early this year and missed it..

Kim said...

What a delicious and beautiful spread! Love the twinkle lights of the boat parade. :-)