Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Better Off Red, colorful catered baby shower

I imagine my eyebrows lifted a little when Pat told me the colors for the lunch she was hosting were red and yellow. Not that there is anything wrong with the colors, having become so accustomed to the traditional pastel pallet for baby showers, I was pleasantly  surprised.

Red is strong, cheerful, a favorite for signs and the color of love. I find yellow equally charming, it makes me think of smiley faces which is a good thing, on the day of the shower, the weather wasn't a smiley kind of day.  With a moody sky overhead the choice of red, with bits of yellow, turned table linen, favors and flowers into bright welcoming beacons.

Overcast skies aside, family and friends gathered and enjoyed a lovely shower. Inside the kitchen of Pat's beautiful home, was the ideal spot to set out a simple fall lunch.

Fall Buffet Menu 
for sixty guests

orchard chicken salad with apple cider vinaigrette

dried cranberry, ginger and almond turkey salad on croissants

sun dried tomato tortilla pinwheels with deli meats and cheeses

orzo and wild rice salad

broccoli, cheddar salad with golden raisins

fresh fruit kabobs

lemon and red velvet cup cakes with cream cheese icing

Red table linens brighten the patio.
Color loves to show off, so I used white platters and glass bowls for the food for a crisp look. Glass bricks and a yellow flower pot are used to raise platters. Labels to identify dishes, are a nice way to make guests feel comfortable.

Cupcakes make dessert serving easy. To create a floating look for the lemon and red velvet treats, I used staggered glass squares over stocky cube vases for an airy stand. Glass bricks make small but pretty serving stands.

More ideas to add your event. When you entertain next, be daring, be brave, ditch the predictable shades and welcome red!


~ Chef Louise said...

great post renee, love the direction of showcasing your talent... you have a unique creative gift that needs to be shared. all the salads sound delish! i'm sure they were completely ~Satisfied~

Florentina said...

What a beautiful fall menu! Way to go Renee! And the red pears ? Oh my, I want to eat that photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow that food sounds delicious! You're a great chef!

Zayne said...

Woh your writing is really good! How did you come up with those ideas on red. Really creative! I have to try some of these foods. Your making me hungry!