Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fair Food, Belgium Beer and Waffles, Now That's a Reception!

Trying to squeeze Cary and Sofie's wedding event into a single post was nearly impossible, see "Under a Canopy of Lights, a Mid Summer Night Reception." Maybe because this is probably the strangest assortment of ideas (that actually worked) for a wedding reception that I have done yet! Tropical/Pacific themed menu, deep fried fair food, Belgium beer, waffles and chocolates, Danish Meatballs, a photo booth, restyled traditional cake under an elegantly lit  open canopy. I'll take up where I left off after appetizer/dinner menu, on the last post and start with the cake.

Cary wanted me to bake a cake he remembered his grandmother making. Grandma Helen, gave me the family's old fashioned Oatmeal Spice recipe, (she had her doubts it would work for a wedding) but the recipe was easy and the cake, a piece of cake! I happened to be working as the Culinary Coordinator at the county fair this year, I ended up baking and decorating it as a stage demonstration the day before the reception. It was really fun having the family, bride and groom all in the audience watching their cake being made.
The wedding cake was decorated in the evenings tropical theme. Flowers on top are made of sugar and created by
Shaile's Edible Art
Before I go further, I have to back up and explain the fair connection. Cary's family has been involved in the organization and management of the Orange County Fair for at least 50 years, so it came as no surprise when arrangements were made to include some fair time favorites. An after dinner snack was planned that included deep fried treats by Chef /Owner, Charlie Boghosian of Chicken Charlie's, a fair food celebrity who's award winning goodies are a summer tradition. Charlie brought Oreos, Twinkies and White Castle Burgers and trained me on the finer points of deep snack frying.
Chicken Charlie and I with a soul satisfying fried Twinkie. Yes this is a burn on my arm, I earned it while baking the cake.
After dinner, we then went to work on Belgium Waffles, (forever to be known as waffles at midnight event) By this time, the make shift catering kitchen was more then a little dark we managed to prepare the Belgium treats from scratch and serve them with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Now the only problem was no one was hungry by that time and the waffles were both perfect and perfectly uneaten!
Waffle had to wait for a day time picture.
Sofie, the bride lent me her wonderful Danish meat ball recipe, which I made up to fry along with the deep fried snacks. In tribute to Belgium, imported beers were served in personalized stemmed beer glasses. Cary's fathers favorite statue was added to the beverage table, for a tongue in cheek final touch.
It's colored water, the lemonade was lemonade!


chow and chatter said...

wow the cake is beautiful cool wedding hats of to you :-)

find ya some leaves!

Anonymous said...

-Comment from facebook-
"What fun it is reading about the party! It was perfect because of your creativity and ability to bring all the diverse elements together for a uniquely special night for Cary and Sofie (and the whole family.) Having fun sharing your blog in Brussels and Denmark!"

~ Chef Louise said...

chicken charlie.... i miss you. love the picture of the wedding cake. can't believe that was so long ago- geez seems like last week. a good event planner can take a scattered menu of ideas and make it great- you did exactly that, it was perfect.