Thursday, April 1, 2010

How To Cook The Easter Bunny

Tired of Leprechaun leftovers? Then I have good news Easter is here. If you can catch that rascal, melt and eat The Easter Bunny it's sweet and easy.

There is a trick to getting the melted Easter Bunny to coat and harden on anything you want dipped in its sweet, silky, delight. The trick is called tempering. Follow this easy method and you will be an expert at creating Easter Bunny dipped fruit, nuts, candy and even bacon!

The Easter Bunny becomes stable and glossy when it is properly tempered by a process of melting it to the right temperature and cooling it to the right temperature. Without this process it's impossible to create candy and Bunny decorations. If you could buy the Easter Bunny it would already be in temper, but cooking it knocks it back out. To get it back into the "zone" there is the classic way and a quick temper method I like to use.

Chop The Easter Bunny into small pieces place in a double boiler and melt over simmering water. Melt two thirds of the Bunny to 115 degrees add in the one third remaining bunny stir constantly until smooth and 89 degrees. Keep a eye on the temp if it starts slipping under 89 degrees set it back over the water to maintain 89 temperature and stir occasionally.
Now you are ready to dip!  Make sure your items are clean and dry. Really dry. Use tongs or skewers to lower items into chocolate allow excess chocolate to drip back into bowl. Put parchment paper down and place dipped goodies on it to set. Make sure items do not touch are they will become one when cool.

After you get good at fruit and candy, you can dip anything! The Easter Bunny is fun to eat and you may lick the bowl after you are finished. Have a fun April Fools Day, and Happy Easter too!


chow and chatter said...

oh thats funny

Louise ( said...

funny how reading about food makes you hungry... i had no hunger but now i can taste the silky flavor of easter bunny chocolate. thanks renee...

Kristen said...

good one, that is one funny post. Loved it!

zlamushka said...

what a sweet cartoon - it is early int he morning over here and I am already laughing - thanks :-)