Monday, March 15, 2010

Visions of Vegetables

Toiling in the hot sun I cleared and tilled the land. I might have even plowed it some, but I'm not sure that's the proper term. After hoeing, weeding, dodging worms and getting dirt under my nails, I had a "huge" plot 3 foot by 4 foot plot to plant my crops.

I had made up my mind that this was the year I would plant an amazing vegetable garden. My plans got rained out a half dozen weekends in a row. But yesterday was the day!  We live on a tiny lot on a corner in Orange County, but that wasn't about to stop me and neither was the horrified looks from my husband as he saw me carrying the rusted shovel across the yard.

"Look", I assure him, "I figure as long as we have planters they might as well be growing dinner instead of shrubs". Ignoring the dramatic hand laid across his forehead, I moved the begonias.

My son Zayne enthusiasticly joined in bringing a ton of questions, "why do you have to turn up the soil, why do you have to get the roots and rocks out, why make mounded rows?" Which of course I had the best answer,"because my dad did."

Growing up on an urban farm, my family planted a garden about a half acre which is enormous by Southern California standards. But I was the "weeder" not the "seeder" so I was kinda winging it here. I tried to remember all the things my dad did when he planted a zillion beans, squash, corn and tomatoes.

My son opened the packets while I dumped them on the top of the mounds. I covered them in dirt, and a quick prayer as Zayne finished by labeling the rows so the gardener knew there was a plan.

As the sun set yesterday, Zayne and I marveled at our accomplishment. We took "before"pictures to document our soon to be amazing garden. My husband, now looking mildly amused say's "is anything ready to eat?'


louise said...

we are birds of a feather...or should i say 2 peas in a pod... i've been planting myself. turning over the dirt and such. i feel like it's making biscuits and mushing out the lumps- great picture

Renee Weir- Fontes said...

I have baby lettuce coming up!