Monday, March 1, 2010

Learning Curve

Anybody miss me? I feel like a bent fork and its been eons since I posted. It's also been over a week since I worked on my cookbook. Sigh. I'll go with blaming work, but not in a bad way, I happen to love my job and love that I have a job!

Let's see when I last left off, Fine Cooking Magazine wrote an issue that looks just like the cookbook I'm devastated but they happily agreed to back off and put my name on the cover. Okay what really happened is that friends and blogger buddies told me to cheer up, carry on, finish the book ( Fine Cooking was encouraging too).

I wish I could remember who tweeted the name of this inspiring book,  "Will Write For Food" by Dianne Jacob, truly a life boat sent to rescue my drowning ambition. In the first chapter it's apparent if I want to write a cook book, you bet my work's cut out for me. Ms. Jacob is teasing me with well written passages by accomplished authors and challenging me to "get passion across, write about the senses, describe my own voice" shes tough. I like her.

Straight away I try out some writing exercises. It's like going to the gym for the first time, I'm overwhelmed by things I've never tried before. To think all this time I thought I was writing about food, was I saying anything at all?

I set in front of the keys and will them to type brilliant things about "artichoke cheese cake" a recipe in my book. It reads back like a commercial for teeth whitening. Looks like I need more exercise, I just hope I'm not sore tomorrow.


K Hamilton said...

*sigh* I have not been able to devote much time to my blog for the very same reasons. I can't really gripe about it because in this economy we are lucky to be employed. I just feel guilty for not being able to put my heart and soul into my cooking every single hour of every day. I bet our readers understand, though. The world will continue to turn, and those who love and support us will continue to do that as well.

As for the Fine Cooking issue, I happen to face that same challenge often. I come up with this brilliant idea that rages like a fire in my brain. I work over it until it becomes perfection, and just when I am ready to cook, picture, and post it... It suddenly appears in Food and Wine, or someone else's blog. After much pouting and stomping of my feet I've realized that there is not a profoundly original idea in the world, especially the food world. The best you can do is put it out there with all your love and effort steeped in, it will show through. Or at least that's what I'm being told as I'm throwing a tantrum and yelling out that my life is ruined...

Keep up the good work, girl ;)

Louise said...

So funny I have this book too... I'm just in the first chapter but I was going to email you about it. Too funny. Glad to hear you are still loving your job. I would love to come over and hang out the next time your cooking and shooting... no really i mean it-let me know

Dianne Jacob said...

Hey Renee,

You will get there! You just have to keep at it. Sometimes writing is frustrating, but sometimes it's a pleasure. It will get easier! Really.

Re seeing your ideas elsewhere, that's how it goes. It doesn't mean you can't succeed. You just need a different angle, or an expertise in a certain subject.

chow and chatter said...

don't give up remember Julia Child you must post a picture of your verrines Rebecca