Sunday, February 7, 2010

Of Puppet's & Cheese

Saturday it was not just raining, it was pouring buckets. I poutingly looked at the patio where I had planned to photograph cheese spreads and decided it wasn't gonna happen. My day was doomed not just by rain but the "wake up with plans, and your teenager takes care of that" kinda day. His needs included school supplies, tuna sandwiches, new socks and a puppet theater.

Why yes, I did just say a puppet theater. My son informs me he (meaning we) need to make one for his part of a group project due on Monday. Not to worry, "Wonder Mom" skills kick in. Before he could say "you rock mom," red paint and duct tape have transformed cardboard boxes into a functional yet portable piece, complete with sequin curtain.

As if to thank me for being "Wonder Mom" the rain stopped and the sun actually came out. I sprung into gear. Cheese and garnishes flying I furiously started an indoor version of my spread shots with what "ify" light was coming through the window.
My family now recruited, were scurrying with me,"get the extension," I bark, "I need a ladder, where's the olives." I start panicking "were losing the light, get the basil and hurry!"
My son ( in a Scottish accent) says, "but, mom were giving it all we got!" (okay I exaggerated a bit) But still lots of drama nonetheless.

In the end I had totally destroyed the kitchen, not just a little, I mean total annihilation. Even though we were starved, no one could touch the test dishes until I had proofed all 89 pictures. Garnish too big, cheese too cheese looking, spreader with "made in china" written on the blade. Richard and I picked over every detail on every photo then decided to retake another 40 ish to be sure.

Next day, Sunday, I wake to blue skies, perfect weather, and my son realizing the puppet theater isn't due Monday.


louise said...

i've seen this cheeseball before, i can taste so hungry right now! everything you just said is exactly why i never bring myself to blog... the work involved in just photographing alone!

Renee Weir- Fontes said...

I know! I think I try too hard sometimes. Sometimes? ALL the time!

I wish I could just write a few lines post and go. I'll work on that.
Love you my chef friend!

Zayne said...

i love this cheese ball and i didnt talk like scotty on star trek.

Anonymous said...

Your photo looks gorgeous and nobody would ever have know the other excitement that went along with it :). It's beautiful, I love the look of the red peppers next to the cheese.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I'm going to the store to make french fries. You're picture makes me give up the diet for a day or two. Keep posting the pictures!