Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thai Pork Patties or Oh, What Have I Done?

The challenge of writing a cookbook this year, was off to a pretty sad start.  I had this idea for a little pork patty with a red curry coconut sauce. Mostly because I love "Thai Red Curry Pork" as an entree but thought I could make a great one bite version. My idea was to repeat the ingredients in the dish but substitute ground pork to make it more like an appetizer. Though I could taste it in my head, it is not what my first attempt actually turned out like.

The basil didn't offer any taste. I thought the fish sauce would lend enough salt, and the patty disintegrated when it hit the pan. The coconut sauce was too thin, and too hot. Basically my red curry pork patty was a bland bomb.

I started over, and added an egg to bind, switched to cilantro, water chestnuts for crunch and added salt. I gave the sauce more volume by reducing the sauce longer. Chilling the patties helped keep them together while cooking, in fact cooking from a frozen state worked the best.  Lime saved the day giving it the flavor tang it needed.

I felt hopeful when tasters Zayne and his friend Jack approved. I guess feeding my son a diet of spicy food built up his resistance to the heat in the sauce. His friend Jack stopped at one citing the heat and needing a quick drink and Zayne finished the platter.

Maybe I will add it to the book, too soon to tell. Maybe the patties need a better name, (weird that I worry about those things) but wow, if Thai Pork Patties are in, gee, that's only 364 recipes to go!


lobstersandwich said...

My mouth is watering for these pork patties. Your book will be the best!! Love your writing.

Zayne said...

HEY THATS ME! woa! I look weird! should have done my hair better! And there's jack! Is it proper table manners to take pictures of the diners?