Monday, January 4, 2010

Snag #1

Writing a cookbook - HARD, not communicating with your co- writer, HARDER. Richard and I both agree the book will contain food, it's a cookbook for heavens sake! We both agree it needs easy to understand recipes, photo's and stories about the food. Great, so we are moving along, then -SNAG! Only a few days in and realize were not agreeing on the overall concept of the book.

It had to be hammered it out, so we hammered and by the end of the day we had redefined a direction, for the billionth time. (Note- actual amateur cookbook writers were not hurt during hammering processes) So here it is... drum roll...more drum roll... PARTY FOOD! yup, after all, since we cater parties and love appetizers we decided our favorite dishes are portable, hand held, small bite, party sized foods! Ta Da! because no one else has ever thought about an appetizer cookbook Ta Da! and if they have, that doesn't bother me right now Ta Da!

 We now know what the cookbook is about. I realize this moment of is kinda like saying "I am finished with dishes". No sooner then you think your done, you make more dishes. No sooner then we made that decision, we have more decisions. That's okay with me,'cause this was the big one. Having a direction, a plan communicating with your partner, priceless.

Wait! There's more! Prepared Chicken Negimaki for step by step photo, I will touch up the recipe in the morning. I know it's a great appetizer, but can be a bit time consuming.


Mireya said...

Party foods - what a great idea!

Caroline said...

This photo stopped me in my tracks. Thanks for the smile. I have to make my chickens do a little dance every time.