Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life Is Good When Avocdos Are Ripe

Richard is a little cross at me. He asked me to work on the introduction and I twittercrastinated instead. Maybe I need a twittervention or even a bloggervention, (since I can whittle hours away working on blog posts too). He also will soon kill me if I don't finish getting the last Christmas embellishments put away. EEEEEEE!

BUT GUESS WHAT! Yea! my avocados are ripe! I have been patiently waiting to have perfectly ripe delicious avocado's for day's. In regards to the cookbook, I 'm perfectly aware that I keep stalling and saying everything is SO HARD. I can't listen to my self say IT'S HARD all the time (at least not today).

I am gonna make something easy, say, like guacamole (insert laughter here), instead of working on the introduction. Voice inside my head..."No Renee, work on the introduction, January will fly by and you wont be anywhere". "But I can't come up with original ideas" I say to my head voice,"Use the Focus, Renee...just start and the ideas will come...Focus" (voice sounds like Obi Wan Kenobi)

Linda Larson  @busy cooks and (I met Linda on twitter)  has inspired me more then once, say's...
" I've found that the secret to working on a cookbook is to do a little bit of work every day. Create a recipe; write a paragraph, edit a sentence. The more work you do, the more ideas will come to you!"
See Linda listens to her voice and writes cookbooks!

I think I like January. I know I love guacamole. Both are uncomplicated. Writing a cookbook for for it...(don't say HARD) is "CHALLENGING"!
About the guacamole, Richard say's "that's too basic a recipe for a appetizer cookbook",  I focused and answered,  "get the chips".

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chefrenee said...

Hey! Obi Wan Kenobi voice, I did it!I wrote the introduction. Good job Renee! You can have a cookie.