Thursday, January 14, 2010

Language Lessons From A Teenager

Looking over my twitter feed, my son informed me that BFF is out. Sizzle and boom are on their way in, snap is still okay and old is still old. He shakes his head at me, mom don't be so old. By the way, also known as BTW,  "old" is still old.

Brushing up on the language may be important in writing a cookbook, especially if my audience is in high school. I'm a novice writer, I am a "amateur" amateur blogger at best. In fact I don't remember ever getting better then a "C" in language, and that required pretending to be awake.

 If Zayne will consider tutoring me that will be "cool"( oops! "cool" is on the extinct list, the correct word would be tight). If I get this right, it would be like "curry butternut squash soup that's tight"!

As I assimilate a few current vocab, aware that learning teen speak is about as easy as getting into a package of cold capsules and has the permanence of a boy band. Picking up the language subtleties isn't easy either, with text communication at epic levels and teen dialects differing from region to region.

With the "otts" over (proper term in teenager for years 2000-2009) and we enter a new decade, I wonder if cookbooks will somehow be different? In case they are we should brush up on a few things;

You just got owned. (You have been put in your place)
Bring it. (A challenge)
Sup. (What is up?)
Dude. (Another person, not always gender specific)
Word. (As in last, end of subject)
Whatever.(Forget it mom, I'm not interested)

*Note LOL, OMG and BTW are never to be spoken, these are for texting only.
Click it lock it with optional "put it in your pocket" is a hand shake not a concealed weapon.

My son is a capable although unwilling teacher and I have endured the eye rolls and constant irritated smirks, but I am patient."Awesome, I think I'm coming along!", I report.
Zayne called me a caveman, but his father corrected him, "She's a cave woman, son."
How kind.


James said...

gr8 #blogpost. Urban dictionary's gd imo. grg tho, brb laterz.

James said...

& PMSL wz a gd 1 I rd t other wk.

Jennie said...

Sup Renee!...Just kidding! Came across you by accident and wanted to tell you that your post made me giggle. Teenage speak is a funny thing. If it wasn't for the help of my little brother I would be clueless too!

I saw something avocado related below that I'm now going to check out! :)

chow and chatter said...

interesting but i saw just be yourself Rebecca