Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Cookbook Update

My friend Jan called she's, checking up on me and is one of the few people who has admitted to reading my blog. So here I am, Jan, it's going on three weeks and yep, and I'm slowly writing a cookbook. I know it sounds like whining but all the organizing, making decisions and staying on task is like convincing my family that it is okay to eat test appetizers for breakfast.

The desk is littered with scraps of receipts, backs of envelopes and even napkins scribbled with ideas. Writing materials and tools are smudged with ingredients. I dream up names for appetizers and book content while in line at the store, or stopped at red lights. No matter how many times I shop, I find myself back at the market in line between the long winded coupon queen's and shopper's marinated in Old Spice.

Thanks to the book, the whole way we live has changed. Every room of the house has become a studio, every surface a backdrop for the perfect food shot. When I needed a second hand for timing, the clock on the mantle went out to the bbq. Meal times are now any time that I finish reworking an idea. The family is living on tested recipes but only after it's been photographed from every angle.

Jan, since you moved, I can't share my progress with you in the driveway, but I have about 50 pages worked on that are anywhere from 10% to 90% ready. I try to balance work, gym, family and remember to put the trash out, even though your not right next door to remind me.


Eli's Lids said...

Thanks for the tweet! So neat that you are doing a cookbook. I have NO talent in the kitchen. Something I would love to work on someday. But being preggers with 3 toddlers is tiring...

averagebetty said...

You are such an inspiration! Our "food lives" are very parallel... I know what you mean about every room in the house is a studio! And, it *is* OK to eat test appetizers for breakfast ;)