Saturday, January 30, 2010

Honest Scrap, Who Me?

"This will take some time," I say to myself.
Myself sits quietly thinking about cookies.
Myself seems to think a lot about cookies lately...
"I got this cool comment on my blog,"I continue, from K.Hamilton AKA The Geeky Gourmet, so I check it out and realize someone actually read my blog and WOW! K. (perhaps one of 2 people who ever read my blog) honored me with a honest scrap award. Now it's gonna take some time to do this right".

Myself is strangely quiet, if you know me, it's not often the case. I explain to myself that "in the tradition of the "Honest Scrap Award" some very nice thoughtful person in my case K., finds your blog interesting, insightful, helpful, funny or just plain honest, they pass the award on."

Myself better be paying attention because this is complicated "See, Scott AKA Fight The Fat Foodie, received his award from Mother Rimmy who...I'm not sure how far this goes! But it is now my duty to pass it to 10 food bloggers"

Myself is suspicious, and want's to know what else is involved, and would also very much like another cookie... "The deal is," I explain, "if you get this award you have to share 10 honest thing's about yourself" Myself get's another cookie, because I know when I talk about myself, this will be a long night.

Number One. I don't like to cook. Now before you lock me up, just know I WILL cook because my love of eating trumps my lack of excitement about it's prep. I want it to taste great 'cause why  do the work unless it's mind blowing delicious.

Number Two. Closing my catering business after 25 years was hard. Starting a catering business to begin with was harder. Running a catering business successfully, despite unforgiving hours, low pay, physical pain and family sacrifice, the hardest of all.

Number Three. I couldn't even turn on a computer on 14 months ago. My husband ran the office, (brilliantly) I ran the kitchen. After closing the catering business, I needed a life makeover, (including learning some basic skills on the "mystery machine.") My husband also suggested blogging as a creative way to pursue my dream of writing a book. He is smart, and good for me. He gets a cookie.

Number Four. When my husband said I should blog, (which sounded like clog, and I really am not much of a dancer) I tried but my first posts are stiff and sound like a travel add. Finding "Orangette" was that break through moment when I realized I can be myself, and it's okay to write the way you feel. She inspired me.

Number Five. Thanks to working in a commercial food operation, I find it impossible to make food for less then 10 people.  I don't use paper towels, or oven mitt's which pretty much explains the 17 burn scars on my arms.

Number Six. In an effort to light a fire under myself I decided to mark my cookbook writing progress. The blog turned into a way to stay accountable to the goal to write a cookbook. Writing a cookbook is really difficult or I'm trying too hard, but either way I'm figuring it out.

Number Seven. I'm a little scared about writing a cookbook.  Everyone I read is so good and so creative, how can I possibly measure up? I worry that I will underwhelm all the incredibly gifted cooks. I fear someone will say "hey that's my recipe" because every thing seems to have been done before. Go figure.

Number Eight. I love taking pictures. I realize I take 400 to 1 more food pictures then family photos.

Number Nine. I love my job. It's the least I can do considering unlike many, I have one.

Number Ten. I have pet names for my cookware.

Every blogger on my "Blogs and Friends" list are so great I love them all, but I can only mention 10. These bloggers are honest, witty, and beautiful. They show passion, commitment and soul. I pass my "Honest Scrap" award to in alphabetical order;

Fed up School Projects
Passion 4 eating
Pearls & Such
Pinch My Salt
Sense & Serendipity
Smitten Kitchen
View From The Farmstead
The Wednesday Chef


Kristen said...

so sweet of you to name me! Thanks :)

Lord knows I haven't given enough information about myself lately, haha.

Kristen said...

Um, yah, I'm totally on board with number 5 !!

Divina Pe said...

Thank you very much for the award. I'm actually honored that you enjoy reading my posts. After reading the 10 honest things about you, I thought that you do have a gift of writing, it's funny and witty and I encourage you to write that book, whatever it is. :)

The Cookbook Apprentice said...

Congrats on your well deserved Honest Scrap award! I love your blog and so get how you feel. I talk to "myself" as an individual and my "myself" is a cookie, candy, cake junkie - BIG time. I love that your husband gets a cookie and you (as I would be) must be so relieved there is no dancing involved with blogging (except with words perhaps). I am so thrilled you came by to visit my little neck of the food blogosphere and I'm ecstatic that you get the whole food paradox issue that makes me who I am. I love you blog and look forward to being a regular here in your neighborhood : )!!!

Velva said...

Your post made me smile, then made me laugh.
I really enjoyed learning about you and reading your post.

Renee Weir- Fontes said...

Your all so sweet, go ahead & get a cookie, from me & myself!

Mireya said...

Thank you for the award, and more importantly - your honesty during your journey of writing a cookbook! I look forward to reading more about your adventures!!

Kiva @ Farmstead Lady said...

I lurve you so much...thanks for including me and I will work on mine real soon probably while I am sitting looking out the window at more snow. :)

I love that you gave hubby a cookie - he so rocks!!!