Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fonts, Photo's and Chicken

Richard and I had to choose font styles for the menu headings and text for our cookbook. Seems easy? It's not! Maybe I just agonize over the details too much. Nah, not me...

We tried out dozens of fonts till my eyes were tired and they began looking alike (the fonts, not my eyes!) The text size is important too, it needs to be readable but not space consuming. Richard printed all sizes and I pulled other books to compare them to. We got our son Zayne involved, but the call of the Wii was too strong he didn't last long in the font decision process.

Choosing photos is hard too. I take no less then ten of the same thing, the differences are so subtle. I try different trays, plates, angles, like I know what I 'm doing. If I started taking only one picture, maybe the choice would be easier!

I read 47 comments on Epicurious about real problems and successes related with Chicken Negimaki. Though my recipe is a little different I know it is a "multi" step process which can be frustrating. Since this is one of my favorite appetizers, I want to work through the issues. I really think I want it in the book even though it's not one of the quickest to produce.

When a sample was "over" cooked, (one of the complaints on Epicurious) and posed I had a hard time getting a good photo so re -shot the pictures again. The usual places I set up a sample to photograph didn't offer the right light today. I may want to make it again for a better shot, does the picture look dry? As usual, I didn't have to decide what to do with my Negimaki sample, the Wii champion took care of eating it, over cooked or not.


lobstersandwich said...

You...you are extremely talented,you are. Beautiful posts and pics. Your cookbook will be the best. Plus you are very funny!!

I didn't know that kitty kats and lemons were so witty...


chefrenee said...

Saucy you are my new best online friend!(BOF) Thanks for the comment sometimes I feel like I am talking to the wall! and I have to laugh at myself, everyone else is!

A Sari Sari Life said...

aloha, i'm looking forward to seeing your cookbook! It is fun and sometimes challenging to match fonts, photos, formats and all the presentation into one....i love to look at different cookbooks to get ideas and then come up with my own identity of what really reflects my own image, especially if its your public profile...good luck with that process!