Friday, January 1, 2010

Cooking Up A Book

My husband Richard and I are cooking up a cookbook, sigh, because there isn't already a trillion cookbooks. I think, this was originaly one of my crazy dreams but Richard, has accepted the task of focusing my ideas and directing the project, he is good at that.  I spend a lot of time being undecided, starring into space waiting for bolts of inspiration to strike me, I am good at that.

This last year, Richard diligently organized any information that would be good in a book, plotting chapters and pages.  I made, revised, and took pictures of known favorites. Zayne, my brutal food critic/son, critiqued food and photographed, mercilessly.

Our "team" ate the results of recipes great, good and not so good, while I racked my brain what our book should be "about". Obviously food, but what about it?...While a firm idea has pretty much eluded me, I am now sure it will at least include... food. Seriously, with recipes, stories and photos from more then twenty five years of catering, what,where, and how to start is more then a question.

In the last hours of 2009, Richard pointed out I need to set goals, (he is also good at stating the obvious and being right). To move the cookbook it out of ambiguity into reality, I need some goals.

So here we are January 1, 2010. My goal is to write a cookbook. On January 1, 2011, My dream is to write that it is done. The average cookbook has 300-400 recipes and is 120-160 pages long. That would be a recipe a day. Okay...Let's go for it!
I will report weekly on my progress, hopefully the accounting will spur me on. I plan to share on my blog my challenges and welcome any advice, support and "kicks in the pants" any one want's to deliver.
Wish me luck!

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rockerchef said...

Can't wait,Rene! I want to be the first one to buy it. I know it will be unique and wonderful as you are. Wishing you and yours the best.