Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top Chef Pasta Helpers

I'm jumping in here. No one asked for my help, but the judges were dissapointed by the two spaced out girlchefs on T C last night, this can't be the end of it.

To catch you up in case you missed it (say your DVR didn't work and you were at a PTA meeting or something). On Top Chef last night Laurine and Preeti spent 4 hours preparing pasta salad. The attempt at a stunning star spangled, flag waving, tears streaming dish fell flat at judgement time. The salad,  9 /11 inspired or not, will forever be a memorial to mediocre attempts to slide by.

I 'd like to make a few suggestions that could have helped, based of course on ingredients most likely found in an airbase kitchen.

Pasta Succotash Primavera Tossed with Fried Lemon Pepper Lima Beans 
Carmalized Spam Pasta Salad with Baked Bean Sauce Americana
Blackend Pasta Salad with Miracle Whip Remoulade and Celery Gremolata
Jello Macerated Pasta and Red Onion Confiture with Fruit Cocktail
Fricassee of Farfalle with Vintage Stewed Tabasco Tomato Coulis
Pasta Salad with Confit of Corned Beef and Vacuum Packed Grilled Corn Mache
Pasta Vichyssoise, Bisquick Crouton and Sea Ration Lagnappe
Ozoni with Farfalle Chilled and served with Sweet Potato Jet Puff Foam
Pasta Salmagundi with Frenches Mustard Maple Syrup Drizzle
Bow Tie Pasta Crudo over Canned Spinach Timbale Pan Seared and brushed with Velveeta Glaze

Any of these would have worked, and could have kept you from pack'n your knifes ladies!


Heidi / Savory Tv said...

The mustard maple syrup sounds great! Agree that was a very mediocre dish on the show, which I missed but was happy to find the full episode on Hulu last night. I checked the bravo site today to see what all the fuss was about with the potato salad, and the recipe is online but very ordinary!

Have a great holiday weekend!


Renee Weir- Fontes said...

You know all the big fuss about the kitchen... but that's how real commercial kitchens are outside a studio! They seemed to loose it when they had to prepare where meals are made everyday by working chefs.