Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lost and Found

I know what you are thinking... how do you disappear for four months then pop up like nothings happened? Well you don't, and a lot did happen since I last wrote, but the adventures, diversions and even a career change could fill several blogs! I'll attempt to be brief!

In early 2008, after 25 years of Catering, I choose to hang up my apron. Though I feel it was the best choice, it was still painful closing the business I had poured half my life into. The plan of course was to retire from catering, get a normal job working for a big corporation. Then I thought I'd try a new hobby, writing, and finally spend quality time with my family. Whew! life wrapped up neat and tidy.

Unfortunatly, the big corporation 8:00-5:00 office job, left me frustrated and boxed in. I had stopped sleeping, writing and obviously my blog went untouched. I brought my complaints home and beat my family with them nightly, the stress took it's toll on my health as well. Neat life plan begins to unravel.

At the end of April 2009, I was offered the opportunity to help with the design of exhibits for the OC Fair as last year (see My Cheese Affair 9-08-08 this year Super Swine) I realized the craving for a hands on creative project was to loud to ignore, so I worked both jobs through the first week of August. Planning, creating, and thinking up new ideas reminded me of what I enjoyed most in my previous business.

I loved designing the fair exhibit. I also loved helping a few friends with small home parties, now can you guess what happened? I was homesick for catering! I had to let the office job go (lest I go postal) and finally slept through a night.

I realize I haven't offered a recipe today, or even a ending to the story but it's time to post...I'll share a quote from the late Gilda Radner, a great American Comedian, 1946-1989.

"I can always be distracted by love but eventually I get horny for my creativity"

I couldn't have said it better.

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