Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Occasion, Small Event

August 23, 2009, was my parents 50th anniversary. I don't know about you, but I think this is a pretty big accomplishment! In our culture, these milestones are usually met with a big celebration. I was envisioning one with beautiful food, music and flowers, lot's of guests. My mom said, "no, thank you."

I started back months ago offering to host a "gala" for the occasion, my mom wouldn't hear of it. My sister and I wanted to do something special and finally as the date approached, we settled on a small but pretty darn decent dinner party on my patio.

The most challenging task of course was for me to cook for 10 guests not 20, to get over the chairs not matching and that I didn't have enough teaspoons. To my credit, I didn't panic when the cat threw up, and the light bulb in the bathroom (which was supposed to last forever) burnt out.

I cleverly worked my son who is currently morphing into a teenager, ignoring his painfully bored expressions and strange ability to go limp when I asked to do anything. I coerced him into slicing strawberries for the cake and setting the table. My husband is both amazing with a vacuum and can prepare a delicious smoked pork shoulder in a mere 7 hours.

My sister brought the most delicious bread, crab dip, baked beans and fresh corn. Richard grilled the teriyaki chicken and fresh pineapple in addition to the smoked pork, and local handmade sausages. I made some homey salads, traditional macaroni and fresh tossed peanut slaw. The small cake was butter yellow with whipped cream and ripe strawberries, sliced expertly by a thirteen year old who managed to make it through one task.

We had hung string lights on the patio, and put a rich chocolate damask cloth over two tables placed end to end. Eclectic collection of shells in glass bowls with cuttings from various trees and shrubs in the yard made an economical and unique centerpiece. Music and good company finished the small but special evening.

Today, marks another anniversary. August 25, 2008, was the date of my first blog! Happy Birthday- "Notes From The Kitchen Galley.".. What do you think? Should we celebrate?

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