Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chili Report

More Chili.
This time in the city of Whittier on a bright hot Saturday noon. Family in tow, tasting spoons ready, sunscreen inadequate. Note to self... hats when we go next time!

Chili Taster Notes-
Chili Verde catches my eye, pretty, sassy sister to the red, offers a spirited bite.
My favorite taste of the day; the Tri-tip Chili, not to mild with a spicy slap in the mouth.
My worst taste of the day; Nearly died when I tasted a cold sweet chili, watery with ugly tomatoes in it.
Observed unspoken chili competitor rules;

You must have a great chili name and slogan that goes with it. "Puff Puff Chili" wont cut it , you need a name like "House on Fire" or "Angry Pepper Chili".

Name, slogan and location of home base should appear on a banner in front of ones area. It should be witty, colorful and memorable.

Chili pepper novelties need to adorn all corners of ones canopy, as well as ears, necks, pinned or, worn on a shirt or embellishing hats and aprons.

Showmanship! Good competitors sell their chili, brag, boast and swear theirs is the best. Popular vote can be swayed.

Relax, rules seem to differ from contest to contest only friendly camaraderie remains consistent.
Chill on that.

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