Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

Now that Christmas has settled on my thighs and waist. I believe it is time for a post holiday wrap up. A month ago the idea of putting up two trees seemed like a good one. Faced with the daunting task of packing up everything and tucking it back into the rafters, I am not so sure. Part of me would like to continue picking at the ham bone and wading through a tin of cup shaped papers for the last Danish butter cookie. The other part is ready to move on. I will miss the Christmas lights, but not the chaos of trying to do to much in to short of time.
Before I pack up the poinsettias, I will leave you with some observations, reflections and a fattening recipe. Then maybe balance will return to the universe, everyone can breath again, and go back to eating salads.

Lessons learned:
Before you seal your Christmas cards, put the letter in it.
If you provide a craft project for your child, be prepared to devote your whole day to doing it yourself.
You can be disfigured by 3rd degree burns from a glue gun.
Pump and Go scooters do not "assemble in just one minute".
Your child should not be present when your husband is putting a Pump and Go scooter together.
If you make it back from the store with the sugar you forgot, you will discover you are out of butter.
When you are back with the butter you will find 5 pounds of sugar you bought and put away a month ago.

I never went to the mall.
I did not stay up to wrap on Christmas Eve.
I attended a Christmas party as a guest and not as a Caterer.
I skipped "It's A Wonderful Life" on TV.

Things I' m not surprised about:
No Lexus in the driveway with a big red bow.
If given the opportunity, My mom would cook 19 entrees 43 sides and 27 desserts for just 6 of us.
At about 12 years of age, children learn that Santa will come even if they don't clean their room.
There is nothing on a child's list that costs less than $59.99.
In the end the toy that was $.99 at the dollar store is far better then any toy you payed $59.99 for.

The cat really appreciated the milk put out for Santa.

And Wishes for the New Year:
May the coupon for sweetened condensed milk not expire before you finally get to use it.
Here's hoping the store you need to return that sweater at, is still there.
Best of luck getting that 7' tall tree back in it's 3' box.
May you go a full 11 months before you have to read another sappy Christmas letter.

Bleu Ball
6oz. bleu cheese
8oz. cream cheese
1/2 cups toasted almonds or pecans
2 green onions
1 tsp hot pepper sauce
fresh ground black pepper

Crumble bleu cheese, stir in to softened cream cheese. Finely chop green onion and toasted nuts
add all but about a tablespoon(save for garnish) to the cheese mixture. Stir in pepper sauce and about 2 or 3 grinds of fresh black pepper. Line a cup shaped bowl with plastic wrap, press in cheese mixture and chill. When firm, turn out on a serving plate, remove plastic wrap. Garnish with remaining chopped green onion and nuts. Serve with crackers, bread or apples.

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Anonymous said...

My friend, so glad to get your xmas card with the blogspot included. This one made me giggle out loud. I'm so glad you are doing this. I have so many blogs to publish and can't find the time to do it but this year is the year, I'm on it. Please email me with your home email and phone, my cell phone was lost and so was your #. The only email I have was from the fair. Blessings, Louise