Sunday, November 23, 2008

15 Thanksgivings, And Counting

Richard suggested I tell you about turkey, but I decided to tell you about him, no pun intended. Richard is my friend, partner, and the love of my life. This Thanksgiving we will celebrate the day, 15 years ago, when we chose marriage over turkey and eloped on our only day off.
In the summer of 1991, I set up a lunch for a meeting at a large corporation. Same day, same business, different conference room, lunch was brought in by House Of Catering. When I returned for pick up, my equipment was missing. No surprise that House Of Catering took it, the surprise was that the owner, Richard, was really pretty nice.
Over the next year our professional interest changed and instead of referring and collaborating on business we were actually becoming friends. The change was so subtle I was halfway through dinner one night when I realized we were on a date.
Times got tough in the next year, both business were slowing with the economy and Richard suggested merging. I struggled with the decision of giving up sole propriety but I knew Richard was right. The decision to marry in 1993 wasn't nearly as difficult as deciding to merge, by this time, I couldn't imagine a day apart. He actually never asked me to marry him, he went to the library, looked in a Vegas phone book and got the number for marriage information. When I queried, "what is this about?" he replied, "well, you want to get married don't you?"
We traded a jeweler Christmas party catering for wedding rings. Drove to Las Vegas on a Wednesday night, married on Thanksgiving, then drove back so we could cater a wedding for someone else.
Why elope? because weddings are a lot of work. They were our work.
Richard and I started a tradition of going someplace special every year at Thanksgiving and try to dodge turkey when we can (too much catering of the bird). On the way back from our '95 Thanksgiving anniversary on Catalina Island, I couldn't shake the seasick feeling when I got off the boat. Nine months later, we were in another special place, a hospital where our son was born. Happy anniversary Richard, I love you, and for you, I couldn't be more thankful!

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