Monday, September 15, 2008

Reunited with Red Dragon

Once upon a time... I created a Renaissance themed birthday party for a clients 70th. The menu was perfectly period, with bangers, prime rib roasted turkey legs. The show piece de resistance was the "Market Place" a table over 20 feet long laden with fruit, cheese and charcuterie. One of the featured cheeses on display was Red Dragon , a bit hot and feisty like its namesake. I loved this cheese but alas I couldn't use it enough to stock it and so we lost touch.

Working at Frogs Breath Cheese Store I have the chance to meet up with some old friends, like Red Dragon. Red Dragon is a rich flavorful Welsh cheese, one of the few still made in the farmhouse tradition. Red Dragon is a pasteurized, cows milk cheddar cheese aged 3 months. The cool thing is the tangy, spicy flavor it takes from brown ale, and mustard grains.

This is not a foofy French cheese, Red Dragon puts you in a pub, hugging your buds and slugging down pints. I steer guys, planning a game of pool or some other male bonding event, to its rustic bite. When mentioned it pairs with cured meats, pretzels and ale, there is love in their eyes.

I may never stage a "Renaissance Feast" again, I still like to indulge in a properly prepared stout cheese, as you may. If this inspires you to head off with your pals to the tavern, please don't ask me along. I'll be headed home to my own boys and a wedge of Red Dragon.
"Iiechyd da"!

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