Monday, September 8, 2008

More Cheese, Please

Frogs Breath Cheese is a grown-up toy store. I covet everything in the store. There are oodles of goodies that food lovers love. There are gourmet jams, jelly's and fancy sauces. Mixes for frilly scones, flavored honey and mustard, crackers and coffee. Tea and teapots, tools, trays, and towels. Chocolates, elegant bottles of oil and vinegar, fondue pots and picnic bags. There is a boutique collection of wine flanking the left wall and exotic salts on the counter.

Then there is the cheese, glorious cheese! Two big jam packed cases of cheese. France is well represented, as is Spain. Dutch, English, and Italian cheese as well as imports from all over the world. Creative American craftsman cheese are among the favorites. People visiting the store for the first time stare respectfully as if viewing fine art.

Priscilla Madrid is owner of a Frogs Breath Cheese Store. Priscilla is an example of a person who can successfully leave her dream to follow her passion, and do it well. I had the good fortune to work with her on a cheese exhibit where she graciously demonstrated the art of specialty cheese trays. After the project, I was restless and Priscilla let me come work in her store.

I am surprised, that though I'm surrounded by cheese it's people that I'm learning about. I meet people who have traveled all over the world, many are visiting from other countries. The most unlikely people I would have guessed as "just browsers", actually know cheese and have discriminating palates. I am amazed how many very young customers are gourmets and excited to share stories of their culinary exploits.

Last spring when I first met Priscilla she spoiled me with a glass of wine and a selection of fine cheese. Now for few hours at Frogs Breath, I get to be around all things unique and delicious. Located in a charming historic district of Orange, California, the store is a special find. While I'm there I'm like a kid in a candy store, only not candy... cheese and more cheese, please.

Frogs Breath Cheese Store
143 N. Glassell, Orange, CA. 92866 714 744-1773