Monday, August 25, 2008

Goodbye Dinner At Eight!

I closed my Catering business, Dinner At Eight Productions Inc. after a successful 20 plus year run. I didn't sell it, how could I sell it? it was my baby! Catering is what I know and love but I couldn't run it any more either. The game gets harder and harder every year, it can wear you out before you know it. It was time to make a change and start work on new projects I only dreamed about doing, but found hard to do while working in the trenches.

I look back amazed at the thousands of challenging events I had a part in and the millions of things I learned, I know you can't go to school for that!
I have also had many wonderful experiences and worked with many great people clients, vendors and employees as well. You want to know the best part? Catering is how I met and married the man I love, my friend, partner my husband and father of my gourmet son. That's another story, lets cook!

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