Thursday, August 28, 2008

If Life gives you a case... Make Lemonade!!

Maybe everyone doesn't have a case of lemons begging for use or an over producing tree, or a neighbor does... and their not home, but if you did...Heres a big batch recipe for a party size punch! I have never tasted a suitable substitute for the real thing and I love to serve it in a giant glass dispenser. Can you believe I have actually made it to and from a events with this big glass dispenser without breaking it? The lemonade hasn't always been so lucky, and let me tell you, it isn't easy to clean five gallons out of a van.
  On one occasion for a wedding I catered , we set up a lemonade stand at the entrance. The wedding was held outdoors on the hottest summer day in history. Not only was it the best solution to hydrate the melted guests, it served as a great non-alcoholic cocktail time at the start of the event.


4 quarts lemon
4 quarts sugar
Squeeze approx. half case of lemons to get 4 quarts of lemon juice squeezed.
Add 4 quarts of sugar and cook until sugar is disolved.
Add water until 5 gallons is reached.
makes 5 gallons-105 8 oz. cups


Richard Fontes said...

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Your blog is amazing. I've read every one. Your good enough to write a cookbook.

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